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Le début de l'histoire

from : Ian Dowell [kretchpoof123@hotmail.com]

2009 new products and payment is by paypal

dear friend,
I guess that you need to purchase some products for your family or business, so i would like to recommend you to visit site:www.buyjoycn.com. products such as laptops,digital cameras,camcorders,videos,GPS,mobile phones,mp4,game consoles and many other , According to their professional service attitude and efficiency, only spending some minutes you can find your favorite products, I strongly recommend this Chinese companies to you ,their website is www.buyjoycn.com.I promise you will get satisfactory reply! Hope to your good news and happy work! Yours sincerely!
Payment is by PayPal.

Après la commande sur le site

Dear friend,

we're glad to see your order on our web,the detail of your order are as follows:

order number:20091012221004
2*Toshiba Satellite A505-S6967 16.0
item price:460eur
shipping cost:80eur

please make payment by bank transfer:

  • Bank name:Bank of China Beijing branch
  • Address:No.8,Yabao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing City,China
  • A/C holder's name: Fang (first name) Yuan (last name)
  • A/C No.:4140300-0188-078102-6
  • Swift code: BKCH CN BJ 110

after you pay,please tell me and send me delivery address,we'll send order and give you tracking number as soon as payment is confirmed,we look forward to doing business with you,waiting for your reply.


Les sous sont reçus donc tout va bien

Dear friend,

Glad to hear from you,we'll check your payment and arrange your order soon,when order is sent out,i'll send you a email,please check it later,have a nice weekend!


?2009-10-23 16:53:57?info@un-petit-renseignement.be ???

Maintenant on parle de taxe à l'importation

Dear customer,

We've confirmed your payment and we sent you order to customs,but they charge tax on your order,it's expensive.meanwhile,our company have a policy,if you order more 1000eur at a time,we'll pay customs tax for our customers,please tell me if it's ok for you to order more items.waiting for your reply.


Ma réponse

What do you mean by expensive meanwhile ? How much is it ?

Leurs réponses et mes propositions

Dear friend,

Glad to hear from you,the tax is expensive about 240eur,so i suggest you order more items on web,last time you paid 540eur,for now you just need to order 460eur,and then we'll pay tax and forward order together,when you decide,please tell me which product you need,you can also order 2 more Toshiba Satellite A505-S6967 16.0,we offer free delivery,and then everything will be fine,waiting for your reply.


Ok you can add 2 more Toshiba Satellite A505-S6967 16.0 with Azerty Belgium keyboard. But I paid the difference on receipt. DHL use to manage this.

Dear friend,

Glad to hear from you,it's company policy to send order after all payment is cleared,and then we'll forward order to your address soon,you need to pay another 460eur in full,if you don't want to order more,you can pay tax,when you decide,please tell me,i hope you can understand and cooperate.


Is it also the policy of your comapny to annonce AFTER THE PAYMENT the amount of the TAXES ?
It sound like "pay more and maybe we can do something "

It seems that don't thrust in me
But I repeat I already pay the amount of the initial order. So what ?

Another solution : send me only one Toshiba Satellite A505-S6967 16.0

Dear friend,

Glad to hear from you,we can't change your first order,when you decide to pay tax or order more items to avoid tax,please tell me,i hope you can understand and cooperate,have a nice weekend!


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